The Business of Blockchain Summit

Blockchain is at a fevered pitch and has permeate many industries well beyond just Wall Street. This one-day Summit will provide a multi-discipline discussion around the progress of blockchain adoption and address critical challenges and opportunities ahead for corporate consideration as they make blockchain a top priority in 2018


  • What is Blockchain (101)
  • Different types of Chains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. – Public, Private and Hybrid)
  • Existing deployments and consortiums (and why they exist)
  • Deep dive into what embracing Blockchain means for business
  • Open topic forum with a panel of CIO/CTO’s that are along the deployment spectrum for lessons learned
  • Discussion/review of chain roadmap

Some of the top contributors leading these workshops:

  • James Worthington
  • Marc Wolenik
  • Michael Tidwell
  • Mike Holland

Sorry – SOLD OUT!