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The Blockchain Toolbox is a great resource for newcomers to quickly learn about the blockchain technology in short order. It was developed through the efforts of a few newbies while maneuvering down the distributed ledger rabbit hole and finding the endless paths to knowledge. If you find an area that is not covered in the Toolbox please send us your thoughts along with links to the information and we will included it for others to learn from too.

Global Blockchain User Group Launch at Consensus 2017 22 May 2017

The BUG is here!!

We are coordinating the BUG global launch with one of the industry’s largest Blockchain events

Our Board Members will be attending the conference and available to answer your questions, share experience and help make connections in the global Blockchain Community.

We are also offering early adopter membership discounts for individuals and groups throughout the conference.

Please ask one of our Board Members for the membership discount details check our website, tweet or WhatsApp us at:


WA Conference Group: BUG@Consensus